Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)

An unexpected romantic comedy we can all learn from—a touching appeal to its protagonist to make and leave a better legacy, before it’s too late.

Regan Humphrey

Connor Mead (Matthew McConaughey) is about as sleazy as they come. To him, almost anyone female and breathing is worthy of casual sex—something he believes in over all else, including love. His playboy philosophy makes it hard for him to understand his brother Paulie (Breckin Meyer), who’s imminently getting married. While Conner is content to spend the weekend flirting his way through his brother’s wedding party, fate takes a hand. The ghost of his (equally lascivious) uncle appears and decides to steer Connor away from his lonely, power-driven existence by connecting him with the ghosts of his romantic past. If Connor can survive the night, he just might be a different man on the other side.


Soundtrack: 80%
Story: 90%
Writing: 80%
Diversity: 80%
Daring: 100%
Racism: PRESENT — 30%
——————ADDRESSED — 50%
Gender Bias: PERVASIVE — 80%
Homophobia: ADDRESSED — 30%

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