Love Per Square Foot (2018)

An uncommon Bollywood movie—fresh for the friendship and inter-religious marriage of a hindu boy and a catholic girl, who share the same dream of making a home.

Regan Humphrey

Sanjay Chaturvedi (Vicky Kaushal) is desperate to move out from his parents’ house and into a beautiful inner-city Mumbai apartment. He may have a chance if he can get a loan from the bank where he works or convince his boss and on-and-off-again cuddle buddy to apply for the place with him. Karina D’Souza (Angira Dhar) has her eye on the same apartments, but her fiancé insists that she should live with him at his father’s house, When both their relationships fall apart, on a whim, they decide to apply together. First comes the house, then marriage, and then love?


Soundtrack: 100%
Story: 100%
Writing: 90%
Diversity: 60%
Daring: 100%
Racism: ABSENT — 0%
Gender Bias: ABSENT — 0%
Homophobia: ABSENT — 0%

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