Sleepy Hollow (1999)

An underrated Tim Burton classic.

Regan Humphrey

At the turn of the nineteenth century, squeamish police constable Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is sent to investigate a series of gruesome decapitations in the small, gloomy settlement of Sleepy Hollow. The residents attribute the killings to a long-dead, blood-hungry horseman, back from the grave to wreak havoc. Ichabod, attempting to disprove the so-called paranormal activity with science, must untangle a generations-old web of deceit and social disparity before he becomes the horseman’s next target..


Soundtrack: 100%
Story: 70%
Writing: 80%
Daring: 100%
Diversity: 70%
Racism: PRESENT — 10%
Gender Bias: ABSENT — 0%
Homophobia: ABSENT — 0%

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