Regan Humphrey, REFscore Creator

Is it really a good movie if it’s oppressing people?

Regan Humphrey

The REF scoring system was created to better critique films, taking into account both the nuance of film craft and social impact. It is the first of its kind to score films cumulatively on the individual domains of writing, story, soundtrack, diversity, and daring, as well as critique them on the presence and perpetuation of racism, gender bias, and homophobia.

The REF scoring system was developed by film critic, author, and psychologist Regan Humphrey as a way to formalize and standardize her particular method of film critique. She found, after bumping heads with other film buffs, that her definition of a “good movie” often differed on the grounds of social justice.

“If a movie is perpetuating exclusive practices or reinforcing racist, sexist, heteronormative, or homophobic sentiment, should it really be considered a good movie?” Traditional film critiques don’t take into account her questions, nor do they offer a systematic scoring system to address them. The REF score system fixes that.

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