Cinderella (1997)

To watch this version of Cinderella is to be dazzled— TO cheer and smile for ninety minutes straight.

Regan Humphrey

It is the centuries-old tale of a fatherless good-natured girl, who is ill treated by a cruel step-mother and her two awful daughters. Cinderella’s life is forever changed by the arrival of a fairy godmother, who helps her to the ball, where her Prince Charming and future-husband awaits. It is a story we all knowExcept that this version is the first and only one with an African-American Cinderella, an Asian prince, and a Whitney Huston godmother. It represents the only time in history that Walt Disney Studios attempted such a mold-breaking feat of inclusivity, and the world has yet to see its equal.


Soundtrack: 100%
Story: 50%
Writing: 25%
Diversity: 100%
Daring: 100%
Racism: COMBATTED – 100%
Gender Bias: ADDRESSED – 50%
Homophobia: ABSENT – 0%

There is no shortage of wonderful things to say about this film. It is no small task, remaking an iconic tale. While this film does an incredible job of it, that success is largely to the credit of the music, costumes, choreography and casting. The only thing one could possibly mourn about this near-perfect production—aside from the film’s un-purchasable soundtrack—is the script, which regrettably leaves us with nothing to savor, reference, or quote for the years to come.

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