Four Weddings and A Funeral (1994)

Self-deprecating Hugh Grant and Well-Quipped writing, Richard Curtis in top form.

Regan Humphrey

A group of friends bumbling together through a particularly dense wedding season, surviving on the entertainment of their blunders (and others), begin to wonder why none of them have gotten married yet. Charles (Hugh Grant) takes it particularly hard, especially after meeting Carrie (Andie MacDowell), and falling in love with her at first sight.


Soundtrack: 0%
Story: 100%
Writing: 80%
Diversity: 2%
Daring: 40%
Racism: ABSENT – 0%
Gender Bias: ABSENT – 0%
Homophobia: COMBATTED – 60%

The performance of this ensemble cast redeems this film’s severe lack of cultural diversity. Their chemistry is also to thank for making MacDowell’s lackluster performance forgivable.

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