The Princess Bride (1987)

A fantasy film, disinteresting for its total lack of diversity, but beloved for its singular humor and uncommon heart.

Regan Humphrey

Buttercup (Robin Wright), a peasant girl in a far away kingdom, has no greater joy in life than antagonizing her farm boy, Westley (Cary Elwes). Eventually Buttercup and Westley fall in love, and Westley leaves Buttercup in search of work to support her and their farm. When Buttercup learns that Westley has perished in his travels, she despairs. She is chosen to wed Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon), against her will. Resigned to her fate, Buttercup gives up hope, until she is kidnapped by bandits and rescued by a handsome and familiar masked stranger.


Soundtrack: 30%
Story: 100%
Writing: 100%
Diversity: 0%
Daring: 80%
Racism: ABSENT — 0%
Gender Bias: PRESENT — 40%
Homophobia: ABSENT — 0%

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