Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (2014)

A meandering bollywood movie, one where you’ve forgotten where you started by the time you finish.

Regan Humphrey

Kavya Sing (Alia Bhatt), a soon-to-be-married girl from a conservative family in the country, is not expecting to fall in love when she spends a few weeks in the city with her cousin. Despite this, she meets Rakesh “Humpty” Sharma (Varun Dhawan), who–determined to marry Kavya–agrees to a challenge posed by Kavya’s father, to find one reason why is he is more worthy of her hand than her betrothed.


Soundtrack: 40%
Story: 80%
Writing: 40%
Diversity: 40%
Daring: 30%
Racism: PRESENT — 30%
Gender Bias: PRESENT — 20%
Homophobia: COMBATTED — 60%

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