The First Time (2012)

A self-conscious, moderately successful attempt at adolescent revelation, With enough kisses to MAKE IT TASTE SWEET.

Regan Humphrey

Dave Hodgeman (Dylan O’Brien), too caring, kind and thoughtful for his own good, is not prepared for Aubrey Miller (Britt Robertson), a girl 17 going on 37. After meeting by chance in an alley outside a party, the pair become something. Neither knows what, until they find themselves shedding their romantic baggage, defenses, and clothes too. One weekend will turn into a bouquet of first times, each as bright, confusing, and infused with hope as the moment that started them all.


Soundtrack: 20%
Story: 100%
Writing: 50%
Diversity: 1%
Daring: 100%
Racism: COMBATTED – 51%
Gender Bias: COMBATTED – 90%
Homophobia: ADDRESSED – 10%

If Britt Robertson and Dylan O’Brien struggled under the weight of a script both under and overcooked, they don’t show it. The magic of their theatrical performances is the best, and perhaps, only thing to cheer this film for.

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